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The Mountain Amateur Radio Club has been the fortunate recipiant of some generous donations.
The club would like to put the equipment listed below in the hands of people that will actually use the equipment,
not just sell it on eBay.

If you are interested in any of the items listed below, please send an email to: (president) and a deal can be arranged. If you feel that a donation to the club is appropriate, it would be accepted. The club board will quickly review your interest in the item(s) and will arrange for a meeting to transfer the equipment to you.

Some of the items will have pictures attached as well as the manufacturer and model number (if possible). If you would like
additional information about an item, please use the same contact email and someone will be back to you as soon as possilbe.
One more thing -- This list is not complete. Check back from time to time to see updates as they come available.

********Click on photo to enlarge image.*******

1. Soldering Iron, Radio Shack (real good condition) 150/230 Watt
2. A spool of RG8 coax cable marked T-1748 FP
3. MFJ-1924 Screwdriver Antenna Controller
4. Magnetic Mount antenna (band - ?)
5. Weather/CB Radio, Midland 77-118 with microphone & manual
6. Keyer, MFJ-422C
7. Oscilloscope, HP 1980B
8. Temperature Controller, HP ET-25076
9. Microphones, Cobra, HiGain, G.E., & Shure
10 Yaesu VC-601B Frequency Meter
11. CB Mag Mount Antenna
12. 4 egg insulators
13. Singler Power Supply, Model P-1415, 12 volt, 4 amp
14. Alliance antenna rotor controller
15. Oscilloscope, HP Model 654A
16. Phase Meter, HP Model 3575A
17. HP204C Oscillator (Below)

18. W6WWT Homebrew Power Supply (Below)
Homebrew PS

19. HP410C Voltmeter (Below)

20. HP400El AC Voltmeter (below)

21. Weller Soldering Iron, Qty 2 (Below)

22. Multimeter (Below)

23. Tektronix Oscilloscope Model 465M (below)