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The Mountain Amateur Radio Club recently has been the fortunate recipiant of some generous donations.
The club would like to put the equipment listed below in the hands of people that will actually use the equipment,
not just sell it on eBay.

If you would like to purchase any of the items listed below, please send an email to: (president) with a bid
that you feel is reasonable for both you and the club. The club board will quickly review the bid and if found acceptable,
will arrange for a meeting to transfer the equipment and the money.

Some of the items will have pictures attached as well as the manufacturer and model number (if possible). If you would like
additional information about an item, please use the same contact email and someone will be back to you as soon as possilbe.
One more thing -- This list is not complete. Check back from time to time to see updates as they come available.

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1. Transceiver, Yaesu FT-227R
2. D-104 Microphone plus two spare cartridges
3. Frequency Counter, Yaesu YC-601B
4. Antenna tuner, MFJ-949E
5. Soldering Iron, Radio Shack (real good condition)
6. Cable, RS232 Male DB25 to Female DB9
7. Headphones, Carter Craft, Model - #40-401
8. A box of RG8 cable (quanitity - ?)
9. Handitalkie, Yaesu FT-207R with speakermike
10. Ranger, RCI-2970 with mike, quantity - 2
11. Coment 6 & 2 meter antenna model GP-15 (like new)
12. Magnetic Mount antennas, quantity - 2
13. Weather/CB Radio, Midland 77-118 with microphone
14. Dummy Load, not necessarily for dummies
15. Keyer, MFJ-422C
16. Antenna Tuner, MFJ-914
17. Antenna Tuner, MFJ-909
18. 2 Meter J-pole antenna made from 1/2 copper pipe with coax
19. Antenna Tuner, Yaesu FC-20
20. Mobile Radio, 2 meter Transceiver, Yaesu FTL-7002
21. Coax, Belden T-1748 FP as marked on spool that may contain up to 500 feet.
22. Power Supply, Yaesu FP-29
23. Voltmeter, HP 400FL
24. Frequency Meter, HP 357A
25. Frequency Generator, HP 645A
26. Oscilloscope, HP 1980B
27. Temperature Controller, HP ET-25076
28. Heat Shrink Gun, Master-Mite
29. Radio Shack Scanner, Model 20-307, uhf/vhf with extra telescopping antenna
30. Two Microphones, Cobra & HiGain
31. Astron RS-35A Nonswitching Power Supply, 12V at 35 amps
32. Yaesu VC-601B Frequency Meter
33. Power Supply, Dycom P-1416
34. Fence Wire, full spool, 1/4 mile, .042 dia
35. 8 Channel Audio Amplifier, Elan Instruments, Hi Power, Quantity - 2
36. Mag Mount Antennas, quantity - 4
37. Tri Pod for antenna